What Our Learners Say

‘At Access Training our customers (learners and employers) are really important to us, so we listen to their views and aim to exceed their expectations wherever possible’ – Malcolm Armstrong (Managing Director)

We gather and analyse the views of our customers through taking part in national surveys or using our own ‘internally designed’ questionnaires to find out what people think, what works well and what can be improved.  Here are some of this year’s findings:

285 learners took part in the government’s national survey during 2014/15 to evaluate the quality of our provision.  Our overall score increased from an excellent 9.20 out of 10 in 2013/14 (which had compared favourably to the average national score of 8.60, and to most other local / comparable colleges and training providers) to 9.30 out of 10 this year.  Again we expect this to be well ahead of national and regional scores when they are published early in 2016.  Learners gave the highest scores for ‘respect staff show you’ (9.60) and ‘listening to the views of learners’ (9.40).

158 learners completed our own questionnaires (at the end of their apprenticeship) while we also had 1024 training evaluations completed at the end of short courses or workshops.

Apprentices gave the highest scores for ‘help to secure employment’’ (9.51), ‘reviewing your progress’ (9.55) and ‘help to gain qualifications’ (9.60).  We saw significantly improved scores for ‘support from my employer’.  Scores from short courses and workshops were particularly high for ‘professionalism of trainers’ (9.60) and ‘quality of learning materials (9.24).

Learners gave us some excellent comments on what they particularly liked and what we could improve.

What learners like about Access:

  • The regular visits of trainers
  • Help in finding an apprenticeship
  • Friendly, supportive staff (and support always available)
  • The relationship learners have with trainers and being motivated by them
  • Support with Maths and English (and seeing the progress)
  • Unemployed learners being treated with respect
  • Help in building confidence
  • Meeting new people
  • High quality of training provided

 What learners would like us to improve:

  • More information about other qualifications / progression opportunities
  • More use of technology
  • Better (more reliable) IT equipment at Mile House
  • More help to find alternatives when losing a job

 We are very grateful to all learners who provided us with excellent feedback during 2015.  Thank you!  So, what next?

What we are going to do to improve:

  • Improve the reliability of IT equipment at Mile House
  • Improve information given to employers about off the job training and exams
  • Look to introduce short courses in some areas
  • Ensure apprentices have intensive support if they lose their jobs
  • Increase information about progression opportunities
  • Continue to improve the quality of our teaching and learning (eg increased use of technology, increased learner involvement in sessions, more practical inductions)
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