Our Offer to Employers

Apprenticeships for business

Access Apprenticeships provide businesses with the opportunity to access highly motivated new recruits and/or develop their current workforce (apprenticeships are now available for employees of all ages) with qualifications available up to level 4 and above in some sectors.

Apprenticeships are a great idea for any business. However, with Access Apprenticeships we ensure that these national programmes come to life, by tailoring them to your business. They become your company ‘training programmes’, re-badged and delivered in a way which suits your company.

Our Business Solutions Advisers will provide advice on how to best introduce apprenticeships into your business, identifying opportunities and planning apprenticeship recruitment with you, even screening applicants for you where appropriate.

We will also help you to identify current employees who may benefit from an apprenticeship. These may be relatively new, inexperienced staff or those changing roles or looking to take on more responsible/technical positions. We work with you to plan each apprenticeship, identifying optional or additional elements to benefit your business.

Business benefits of apprenticeships

Research has shown that employing apprentices has a hugely beneficial impact on improving overall business performance. According to an independent survey of organisations that employ apprentices:

  • 77% believe Apprenticeships make them more competitive;
  • 76% consider Apprenticeships have led to higher overall productivity;
  • 80% feel that the loyalty of their apprentices has helped reduce staff turnover;
  • 88% think that Apprenticeships have led to a more satisfied and motivate workforce, whilst:
  • 83% rely on their Apprenticeship programme to provide the skilled workers they need for their future.

With over two thirds of the respondents believing that their Apprenticeship programme has helped them fill vacancies more quickly and three quarters expecting Apprenticeships to play a bigger part in their recruitment policy in the future, there is no doubt that Apprenticeships offer significant benefits for any business.

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