Access Training continues to be Good

It’s official! Following a recent Ofsted inspection, Access Training have been confirmed as a ‘Good’ provider….again! A team of 4 inspectors carried out the inspection in April, observing training sessions, considering learner achievements and progress, reviewing key documents and meeting with leaners, employers, managers and staff.

Inspectors felt that ‘Senior leaders, managers and staff have sustained the good quality of education and training provided for apprentices and adult learners’.

They also highlighted that our ‘provision is responsive to the needs of employers and to regional priorities and demands’ and

we enable ‘apprentices to gain the skills required and valued by employers’

Malcolm Armstrong, MD at Access commented ‘we are really pleased with the outcomes of the inspection. Ofsted have visited us 4 times now; in 2007, 2012, 2015 and this recent inspection and each time have found us to be a ‘good’ provider. Over the last decade or so expectations and required standards have increased and we have had to continuously improve our provision, so to be found consistently good is an outstanding achievement. As always, we know we can improve in certain areas and we will always strive to do this. I’d like to thank all of our staff who continue to do such a great job and also thank those employers and learners who participated in the inspection and gave such good feedback to the inspection team’.

To find out more about the inspection findings, view the Ofsted report here